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EARTHWORM® Family Safe
Liquid Septic System & Cesspool Treatment

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EARTHWORM® Liquid Septic System & Cesspool Treatment restores the essential balance your septic system needs to be at its best! It basically works the same as our powdered septic treatment by using billions of natural, highly-active bacterial cultures and special enzymes to help restore their necessary balance in your system. This is essential to it's efficient operation.


EARTHWORM® Septic Liquid contains 100% natural bacteria and enzymes which provide a healthy septic tank environment:

Family-Safe Drain CleanerThink of enzymes as nature's recyclers. Diligently working 24/7 to break down the organic material in your septic system. EARTHWORM® Septic Liquid is environmentally-friendly, completely biodegradable and made with sustainable ingredients. It does not contain harmful, caustic chemicals, chlorine, phosphates, acids or petroleum-based ingredients. Our natural process does not generate heat or malodors while working, so there aren't any harmful vapors. It has a neutral pH, so its gentle on your hands and skin. And like all of our products, it's safe to use around pets and children.


Regular use of EARTHWORM® will remove build-up in your septic system, potentially saving you very costly repairs over the life of your system. The naturally-beneficial bacteria are specially formulated to dissolve food particles, grease, fats, hair and human waste. They will also eliminate odors as they degrade the waste. Its biocompatible with a wide variety of wastewater and greywater treatment systems.


EARTHWORM® Septic Liquid may seem a little hard to believe, so please read our customer comments scattered around this website. They're first-hand, in-the-field observations of the incredible power of EARTHWORM's® natural enzymes.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Each bottle contains three 10.6 oz doses. One dose per month for tanks up to 1500 gallons. Measure out 10.6 ounces (a third of this bottle) and pour into toilet. Flush twice. For best results, we recommend adding EARTHWORM® Septic Liquid at a time when plumbing will not be immediately used, such as bedtime or before leaving home. Use it once a month to maintain your system.


Contains: Water, Natural Bacteria and Enzymes.

Earthworm Septic Liquid



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