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EARTHWORM® Family Safe
Drain Cleaner

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We're all guilty of keeping a caustic collection of liquid drain cleaners under the kitchen sink. Sure, they contain some nasty chemicals, but they're a neccessary evil, right?


For the past few years, many people have reached for an alternative. Alongside those harmful drain cleaners in the supermarket aisle, you'll find EARTHWORM® Family-Safe Drain Cleaner. It doesn't contain corrosive acids, solvents, phosphates or other chemicals that can cause skin burns, allergic reactions or respiratory problems (the vapors and fumes are just as bad as actual skin contact). Consumers have come to realize just how bad those drain cleaners are. They're bad for people, they're bad for the sensitive noses of our pets, and very bad for our kids, who have a tendency to touch every surface in the house. And obviously, they're extremely bad for our planet.


Family-Safe Drain CleanerEARTHWORM® Family-Safe Drain Cleaner is ideally suited to clean almost every type of drain or garbage disposal and will control their odors. It uses natural enzymes to break down organic materials and does not contain harsh chemicals. It leaves NO chemical residue, only water and harmless nutrients are left behind. It's environmentally-friendly, completely biodegradable and safe to use around pets and children.


Regular use of EARTHWORM® Family-Safe Drain Cleaner will prevent clogs before they start by eliminating the build-up of organic material in your drain lines. EARTHWORM® can be used in kitchen and bathroom sink drains, floor drains, bathtub and shower drains, as well as boat and RV holding tanks, septic systems and grease traps. Unlike those caustic drain cleaners, EARTHWORM® Family-Safe Drain Cleaner is safe for use in garbage disposals and will keep them clean and smelling fresh.


EARTHWORM® may seem a little hard to believe, so please read our customer comments scattered around the website for some first-hand, in-the-field observations. We're sure you'll be convinced of the incredible power of EARTHWORM's® natural enzymes.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well before using, settling of natural ingredients is normal. FOR SLOW DRAINS: Pour 6-8 ounces (about a quarter of this bottle) down your drain on 3-5 consecutive nights, after you are done using the drain for the evening. This will allow EARTHWORM® to work when the drain is inactive (while you sleep). FOR SEVERE CLOGS: During the first few applications, EARTHWORM® will loosen the organic material. If there is a large amount of clogging material it may remain in tact. If this occurs, plunge and continue to use EARTHWORM® REGULAR MAINTENANCE FOR DRAINS: Pour 6-8 oz. of EARTHWORM® directly into drain. Using EARTHWORM® twice a week will keep your drains free of clogs and smelling fresh. GARBAGE DISPOSALS: Pour 4-6 oz. of EARTHWORM® directly into disposal. Using EARTHWORM® 2-3 times per week keeps your disposals clean, clear and smelling fresh. SEPTIC SYSTEMS: Add 1 bottle of EARTHWORM® per 25 cubic feet initially. Then use 12-16 oz. of EARTHWORM® per 25 cubic feet at least once per week for optimum results. Pour directly into toilet and flush. Severely clogged tanks may require 2-3 bottles on initial application. You can also use our EARTHWORM® Family-Safe Drain Cleaner (powder or liquid).


Contains: Water, Natural Enzyme Blend, Plant-Derived Surfactant, Fragrance and Preservative.

No Animal Testing



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